Friday, October 27, 2006

Callum Chesworth

Hi... today I am going to publicise to the world that I/we need a little help.
I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog that I help out at the Dudley Ladies Running Club every Tuesday and Thursday night, whenever possible. Well, we have a good friend there, Mrs Mundane and myself, by the name of Brenda.
Brenda has a grandson, Callum, who unfortunately has a problem...namely, born eight weeks premature, the doctors have confirmed he has Cerebral Palsy and needs to attend hospital appointments to monitor his progress!

Unfortunately, now aged three he requires regular weekly/twice weekly visits to a specialist physio, which will enable him to walk, and a speech therapist as he cannot yet talk.

So how can you help?
Simple...take a look at Callums blog by clicking here, read it from end to end and think how lucky you are not to be in his position. Then if it takes your fancy, make a small donation and then sit back and feel warm and snug inside knowing you will have helped Callum and many others by that simple bold statement.

Thankyou for reading...
Mr and Mrs Moriarty Le Mundane.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Kevin "bloody" who..?

Last friday, knackered from returning from Cologne in the early hours of that morning, see my earlier blog, I got the chance to go and see just about the worlds funniest Australian. Oh, and the rudest!

Kevin "Bloody" Wilson.

Jeez, this man is like a breath of fresh air to comedy.
He tells anecdotes from his life in the Bush in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, that always have a rude inuendo (or twelve) contained within. These inevitably lead to a song that Kev has either written or in the case of some songs..."De-composed"
De- composed? Well he takes a well known song and by the simple substition of a word or two changes the meaning of the whole song!
E.G. I saw mommy kissing santa claus...becomes I saw mommy s*cking Santa Claus!
Get the drift? Thought so and so did the 200 plus crowd at Dudley Town hall the other night.

This is the third time I have seen Kev and other than the fact that the acoustics in the town hall are crap, I have previously seen him at the Princess theatre cannock, the show was excellent.
All the old favourites were to be heard including, and I kid you not,
"The Local Coppers a ****!" "Hello Operator", "Manuel the Bandito", "D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.!" and the classic "Can't say **** in Canada!"

Now I don't advocate such profanity usually, in fact quite the opposite. But, you do have to be there to see Kev and get the whole thing put into context so to speak to make it all click into place and become genuinely hilarious. Go and see him you know it makes sense!
Finally, to those of you who think its all in bad taste I only have one thing to say..."D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.!" To coin a Kev phrase...

Moriarty the mundane...

p.s. A link to Kevs site, checkout Kev FM and for those bemused by just what does "D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F.!" mean, a link to a "youtube video" I have found.

Well, I went to Germany last week see...

Well I have been to Germany last week on a "Cultural Exchange" with students from the school I work at here in the UK.
Having been before, I knew roughly what to expect. But, I must say, I never expected to see two cracking bands live.

The first band were setting up in front of the Cathedral in Cologne on the big Piazza(?) and as soon as I saw the local TV camera's I knew we were into something good.
I was not wrong!
The band are called The Sideburns and play what they call garage dirty funk. Me I just loved the live music!
Below is a link to a video I made of just two short songs that I have put up onto youtube.

Watch the sideburns here

The band consists of four "geezers" a drummer, guitarist, bass player and a singer. Look carefully at the video and you will see the german tv cameras to the left at the start. Oh, and check out the instruments and the singers pa system!
I enjoyed them so much and wanting to buy a momento of Germany and Cologne, I bought their CD. My thanks go to the chap (the guitarist I think) who said it would be ok to put the video on youtube. I hope he understood!

The second band...well, they are not a professional band in the true sense of the word but a bunch of "ageing rockers" who love to blast out some old sixties and seventies songs in the basement of a local school.
The guitarist and singer, I consider now to be a friend of mine, (I stop with him on the exchange) named Georg Wehner, the others, although I was introduced, I am afraid I do not know. This was/is my only meeting of them and I found them to be a great bunch of blokes who's heart is in their music, presumably as a release from their day time jobs.

The band is called "butter side down"...
watch them on the links below.

Dead end Street
White Room

You Really Got Me

So, for me, I fealt the five days away was a good result! I can't wait to go back...
Moriarty das weltliche, er...Moriarty the mundane

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I've got this old school mate see. Duncan, Duncan Disorderley.
I know, its an old joke but you haven't met him. Dunc is a character, his mother was a character and probably someone related to them was a character too. But Duncan is...well special!
He can pick up his guitar and turn a barbie or a party in to a major social gathering full of merriment and music. I kid you not!

Dunc got me into playing guitar back in about 1973/4. I quickly became better then him but thats where it all went wrong. I peaked about 1976 in that glorious hot summer we older ones all talk about. Dunc peaked about....well, now really!

He has started his own guitar shop a few years ago, has taught guitar for a number of years quite successfully, but, its his playing. The bar steward has only gone and become good. I mean...well, bloody brilliant really.

I lost touch with Dunc for about 20 years, we all get married and move around abit and Dunc ended up in sunny Leictershire way and I ended up in Sunny Wombourne. Then one christmas break, I recieved an email via that wonderful website, Friends reunited.

The gist of the mail was, er..."hello tall hairy lanky ba*t*rd, short fat f*cker here. Ring this number.

Sitting there, puzzling over who it could be, I quickly new this person really knew me, as, I was a tall hairy lanky person many years ago in the seventies. I'm still tall, not so hairy now and I like to think I am lanky but I guess portly is a more apt description.

Having worked in Leicester for a while I guessed the code was a Leicestershire area number, but, who?
This person was, or is, now smaller than me from his description, thought he was fatter than me (still is...just) and obviously has a sense of humour.

Well I picked up the phone and dialled. There was only one person it could be and that was one Mr Duncan Keith!

The rest as they say is now history.

We quickly met up, I met his wife Mandy and three georgoeous daughters and we just took off from where we left off and all is good. A RESULT!


The little sh*t is now, as I said, a bloody good guitarist and I am not. He is in a number of all different styles of band, I'm not in any. But it gets worse....I get him sodding bookings to show him off to people!

You need to check out the current band, The Hoosemairtes. Yes its a crappily spelled name, no one can pronounce it right and I dont know anyone who tells you they like Irish Folk.
Untill that is they see this band.
Dunc, Dave and there current drummer Nige, (he's quietly good is Nige) can, in an evening, turn even the hardest rocker, the funkiest funkster and the bluesiest ...well you get the picture, person into an Irish stylee folkist.

They mix up Blues, Rock, Folk and Funk throw in some acoustic and some electric stuff, make your ears bleed with raucous slide guitar and then send you home quietly chuffed at how good a night it has been.

Dunc...hats off to you mate, I love yah! do you get to see him and the band?
Easy, book him, details on their website,
or if you go to Youtube... type in very carefully.... hoosemairtes.
Oh sod it! You'll probably spell it wrong so click on the links below!

Sit back, watch, listen and enjoy...

Moriarty the mundane...