Friday, June 23, 2006

Ubuntu....what is it?

Well yesterday we downloaded Ubuntu....a version of Linux, totally free and complete with an office suite and all sorts of gubbins.


Is it any good and why I hear you ask?
Well....its not Microsoft, its totally free and available as a download and essentially it allows you to have a reliable alternative to an MS Windows operating system. It looks and performs well and even though I work in the industry and I'm reasonably computer literate, I can see that it would not give to much trouble to the average bod who is used to XP.
If your a complete novice however, both XP and Ubuntu will be as difficult as each other.

Would I reccomend it?

Unfortunatley, after plodding away trying to install extra applications, very unsuccessfully, a product that we all thought originally was bloody great suddenly became bloody hard and not worth using! So I'm afraid that is a definate loud NO!

Feel free to have a go yourself....we will persevere during the summer and try to see where we are going wrong but until then...stick with XP.

Bill Gates 1....Ubuntu...0


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

My Mower

Just thought you might like to see my mower...Its a circa 1945 Qualcast 16. It has a sixteen inch cut, a Villiers 98cc two stroke engine and is known as "Puffing Billy" because of the clouds of two stroke smoke it billows out!
We were in the server room today and my new techie came up with a statement...
"The A41 goes from near my house to chester"
Now, out of context this is a bit of a mundane statement on its own but believe context, it pretty mundane but it invoked "hails of derisive laughter".
We don't live in London but, in Sunny Wolverhampton, so give him his due he wasn't to know how wrong his statement was!
Five minutes on the t'internet brought up a site that confirmed just how wrong he was.

A whole page or so about a book a story and the info we were looking for...From Baker Street to Birkenhead!

Thats a long road, it would take a long time to get there but not as long as it fealt to us checking out another piece of mundanery!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well they are back.....
Well you just might ask....the Ugly buggers are back thats who!
Billing Aquadrome in Northampton was the venue and the third Ugly Bug Ball....oh, and the rain. Lots of it. Bloody bucketed it down all weekend.
So who are the Ugly Buggers and what is the Ugly Bug ball?
The combined efforts of a few, possibly mad, anorakish types, who form the Multipla Owners Club of Great Britain. now you know!
Don't stop reading...its not time to switch off just yet. Basically its a meet like a Beetle bash for Multi owners or Multimates to get together do some chatting and drinking, test there driving skills and chew the fat over their Ugly, sorry, Multipla's and make some money for there chosen charity. Not so much this time as in previous years as the aforementioned deluge that hit Northampton all weeekend invariably kept a load of people away.
Some thirty odd, as opposed to sixty odd, turned up and eventually had a great time.
For those interested take a butchers on the owners website maintained by Oddbod, but who else, and if you own a Multi check out the yahoo forum from the main page and find out loads of tips hints, quirks and foibles that abound these veritable Tardis's (is that tardii) made by the men at Fix It Again Tomorrow.

Speak to you all about something else a little mundane soon....
Moriarty the mundane...