Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Today,I am blogging on an I-Pad! I bought home an I pad from work with a view to see if I should consider buying one! Working in ICT in a school has it's little perks and this is one of them. I have to say firstly that I am not an apple fan purely based on cost. I have used them extensively when I trained in design at Uni some years back and we do have a few at school but, generally I think they are little more than eye candy. If viewed as a tool then a thousand pound I-Mac is really no better than a thousand pound pc but, most people judge them purely on their looks! Sure, those in the know, like designers, will tell you they are more reliable and just do the job and in truth I think many years ago that was probably/possibly true, however, not so much, if at all, nowadays! So, what do I think of the I-Pad? Since I typed the above line nearly two minutes have passed... Somehow I lost the onboard keyboard and could not get it back. To make matters worse I opened up another tab and was asked to send feedback, which, would be infuriating enough if I had the keyboard but as it was gone it sort of made me feel like insult had been added to injury and I was swiftly beginning to dislike this novel piece of kit! On the subject of keyboard, it's a clever idea the way it works but have you tried typing I-Pad using capitals like I have just typed. The transition between screens to change to make a hyphen is not hard but is cumbersome. there will no doubt be similar scenarios but I presume you get used to it! I just decided to add an image from a website of the I-Pad and whether it is a vague army of the device or blogger but although it made all the right sort of motions and responses, no image can I see on this page ! Can you? I have now been using/playing with the device for about a half hour, I am used to an I pod touch so I had a good idea what to expect, but, sadly it's not growing on me as much as I expected! I will tell you more in the next few days... Moriarty

I gave the ipad back I genuinely did not like it. Its good for surfing and emails, playing music or watching a film but it is not a viable replacement for a laptop or pc when you want to start doing more. They are expensive and I have seen android tablets equally as good for far less money and so sadly... it had to go!