My current interest is the Ukulele!
My Banjolele (L) and Ukulele
I have tried in vain for over forty years to play guitar with some reasonable success and three years ago the wife spotted an advert in the local evening paper about a new Ukulele group that had just started in Sedgley near where I live called Sedgley Ukulele Strummers!

I had been given, only weeks before, a Banjolele and thought it would be a good idea to visit the club and see what it was like.

First problem, due to the construction of a Banjolele they are VERY LOUD!! Therefore being a Ukulele club and Uke's being much quieter, Banjolele's were seen as an "instrument of the devil" and were banned!!
So I went the next Thursday evening and sat in on the crowd. I had a bit of an idea on the chords as they are similar to the guitar and made use of a loan instrument they had. I found it very enjoyable and three years later I am still there!

One thing I have always wanted to do, but never had the bottle, was to play in a band! Soon we were asked to perform to an audience and with trepidation and safety in numbers at the back of my mind I was cajoled into playing at a local Nursing Home to some elderly residents. I felt safe that they would not storm the stage, they probably could not throw anything at us and our repertoire was decades older in style to what I listen to in every day life. It suited our audience and I thought... "Go for it!"

It was in its own little way, fantastic! I loved it and I was smitten!!

Below is a YouTube video of us performing the Maverick's hit "Dance the Night Away" If you want to see more just check us out on YouTube!

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